When onion flowers disappear - 2 causes

When onion flowers disappear - 2 causes

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Where did the bulbs go?

A real hobby gardener knows exactly where which onion flowers are planted in the garden. But what if onion flowers disappear?

Bulb flowers can disappear over time
In spring we are all looking forward to the first messengers of spring sticking their heads out of the ground and delighting us with their beauty. Tulips, daffodils and crocuses are the flowers that make us want to spring. Perhaps you have experienced that you have missed certain varieties over the years, although you are absolutely certain that they should be there. This phenomenon is widespread and is not uncommon. There are two reasons why bulb flowers simply disappear.

When onion flowers disappear - 2 causes

  1. Endurance: Not every type of onion has the same endurance as the other. While one still sprouts after ten years, others disappear after three years. This is completely normal and it is partly due to the respective variety or also on the ground. By the way, it is of no use if you dig out the onions in summer.
  2. Mice: There are flower bulbs that are on the menu of voles. It is noticeable when certain varieties are no longer available, but others are. Because mice are also picky. You don't like every bulb flower.