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Physalis - also known as Andean Berry

Physalis - also known as Andean Berry

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The fruits taste slightly sour

Even if the name Physalis sounds like an illness, it is a fruit. A fruit that you know for sure, maybe also under the name Andean berry.

Delicious orange fruits
At the fruit shop around the corner there will surely be the little orange fruits. And you can also get the plant in your own garden. The berry, which is protected by a paper-thin lampion, not only tastes very good, it also exudes a wonderful fragrance. By the way, you can eat the berries immediately after removing the paper cover. If you also want to get physalis plants in the garden, then you should note that they are not hardy.

Overwinter physalis
For this reason and also so that the fruit can ripen in autumn, you should bring the physalis indoors. Dig them out and plant them in a large pot, which is best placed in a cool place. The branches should be cut back vigorously and the soil must always be moist. From the end of May you can plant the Andean berries outdoors again or place them outside in a pot. You will see that the fruits ripen much earlier than was the case last year. So the frost is outwitted and you can enjoy a variety of fruits.