Herbs in the garden - for many years

Herbs in the garden - for many years

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In many gardens not only flowers sprout, vegetables and fruits are also grown and of course herbs. Herbs are a real change in the (utility) garden.

Three easy-care herbs for beginners Source:

Herbs are usually very easy to care for
Who doesn't like to eat fresh basil on a tomato slice or fresh dill in a fish sauce? The advantage of herbs is on the one hand that they take up little space and on the other hand that they are often very easy to care for. For example, you can grow them in small plant pots on the windowsill, within easy reach of the kitchen.

Many herbs last for many years if you pay attention to a few important points. We would like to present you some herbs for sowing over several years:

  1. Oregano: Is very robust and resistant, likes warm and sunny
  2. Peppermint: Should be contained because it proliferates. Can be propagated via foothills
  3. Basil: Needs a sunny spot, needs to be watered only once a week.
  4. Sage: likes the sun, the warmth and a well-drained soil
  5. Tarragon: Is largely undemanding, can be increased by division
  6. Savory: Keeping particularly well in the rock garden likes permeable soil
  7. Lovage: Also called maggot herb (because of the smell), is undemanding and can grow up to 1.5 meters high
  8. Rosemary: Likes a warm location and a well-drained soil
  9. Thyme: Plant early in a warm, well drained location and do not cut too late