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Leaf nets - protection for your pond

Leaf nets - protection for your pond

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Apply leaf nets in September

If you have a pond in the garden, you will have a lot of fun with it, but also a lot of work. And he has to consider a few things, especially when there are fish swimming in the pond. In September at the latest, a net should be stretched over the pond so that the leaves are prevented from falling into the water. Of course, this only makes sense if the garden has deciduous trees or a lot of leaves from the neighborhood can fall into the pond.

Stretch the leaf net
Because the leaves sink to the bottom of the pond, releasing nutrients and thus enriching the water. This removes oxygen from the water and forms a layer of digested sludge on the floor. Therefore, you should stretch a net, which should not hang in the water, otherwise the leaves would also come into contact with the water and release nutrients again. To do this, peg stakes into the ground at the edge of the pond and stretch the net over them. You can then simply regularly remove the leaves from the net.

A leaf net saves work
When the leaf fall has subsided, you can remove the net again in December at the latest and thanks to the leaf net you will not have as much work with the pond cleaning next spring. These leaf nets are available in various sizes.