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Removing clover in the lawn - tips and home remedies

If you want to remove clover in the lawn because it takes over and displaces the lawn, you have to be consistent. Our gardening tips guide explains what to do. Remove clover from the lawn with these tips Clover (trifolium) is actually a popular plant because it is considered a good luck charm, especially if a clover leaf has four leaves.
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Cut evergreen plants - that's how it's done

Give your plants a shape You can also let evergreen plants in the garden grow wild, but that doesn't always look nice. Therefore, you should cut evergreen plants regularly. Giving the plants a shape is easy Not because the plants need it, you should cut them back, but to give them a nice look.
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Drive birds out of the cherry tree

Your cherry tree with the delicious cherries must be protected from birds! You can find out what options there are and what we recommend here. Every hobby gardener is actually happy when the time for the cherry harvest has come. However, this joy is quickly diminished when various birds tamper with the cherries.
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Tips & Tricks

Beware of poisonous houseplants!

The poinsettia is poisonous There are some houseplants that look very nice and that are also at home in many households, but which are poisonous. Poisonous plants in the house Many do not know that some plants that they have to stand at home are poisonous, but this is especially important when there are small children in the house.
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Lawn Bokashi: It's easy to make natural fertilizer

When the word turf bokashi is mentioned, many don't know what it means. We are talking about a high-quality, natural fertilizer that you can easily produce yourself. Never just throw away grass clippings Lawn clippings are underestimated by most hobby gardeners and simply disposed of in the compost or the green bin.
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